Our expectation is that all of our students arrive at the Academy dressed smart; in correct Academy uniform and ready to learn.

Wey Valley Academy Uniform Policy

The uniform Policy is that the Academy has a uniform which all students are required to wear. By wearing the school uniform, students are making a statement that they belong to the Academy community; share the Academy’s values and wish to be associated with all Academy events.

The Academy expects all students to wear the uniform with pride. Where any aspect of a student’s appearance is deemed inappropriate by the Principal, parents / carers will be contacted by the Academy. Students not in correct uniform may be sent home or internally isolated until the uniform is corrected. Medical conditions preventing the wearing of correct uniform requires a letter from a doctor.

The Academy offers a uniform grant to families where their child(ren) are in receipt of Free School Meals. Where students are not eligible for Free School Meals but a case of financial hardship can be made, the Academy may choose to make an exceptional award of the grant. Applications should be made to the Academy’s Finance office in each instance. The uniform grant is £35 and can be awarded every other year through the Academy’s application process. The uniform grant is £17.50 for Year 11 students to reflect their final year in school.

The School Uniform (for September 2019 ongoing)

The official school blazer available from the Dorset Schoolwear shop.
The blazer comes in two styles.
Long sleeve white shirt with formal button collar to be worn fastened with school tie.
Jumper (optional)
Plain black knitted v neck jumper. Only to be worn with the school blazer, not instead of. Cardigans, hoodies and other tops are not acceptable.
For girls
Official logo-school trouser from the Dorset Schoolwear shop or official school tartan skirt (knee length or longer) available from the Dorset Schoolwear shop
For boys
Official logo-school trouser from the Dorset Schoolwear shop
School tie.
The school shoe should be black traditional shoes made of leather or synthetic leather. Shoes must be black all over without logos or coloured stitching or lacing. No stacked or high heeled shoes, backless shoes, flip-flops or trainers. Suede is not acceptable. Canvas is not acceptable. Shoes with strips of fabric other than plain black leather are not acceptable. Sports shoes are not permitted.
Socks – black.
Tights – black or opaque
(Please note the school skirt must be worn with opaque or black tights)
A watch and one pair of stud earrings only may be worn. Please note that studs may only be worn in ears but must be removed for PE. No other piercings are allowed.
Extreme styles are not acceptable. Issues arising from unsuitable styles, including cuts shorter than a number 2 will be dealt with at the discretion of the Principal.
No brightly coloured dyed hair.
Hair should be tied back in school at times when it could create a health and safety issue in a lesson.
Hair ties should be black or brown.
Heavy make-up is not appropriate for school. Students will be asked to remove make-up at the discretion of the Principal.
PE Kit
The PE kit can be purchased from the Dorset Schoolwear shop:
All year groups: (APTUS sports range in blue)
Sports shirt – unisex
Sports shirt – female fit
Sports shorts (unisex or female)
Leggings *
Track pants *
Full Zip (female) training top *
1/4 zip training top *
Sports socks
Optional items *
Gifted & Talented PE programme

From September 2018, the new PE uniform applied to new Year 7 students. Any replacement PE kit for other Year groups will also need to be purchased from the list above, from the Dorset Schoolwear shop.
The Dorset Schoolwear shop is located at Caroline Place, Weymouth, DT3 8NW (Tel: 760804) and all school uniform items are listed with photographic samples on their website at dorsetschoolwear.co.uk/