Our focus for Year 11 is to ‘Dream, Believe and Achieve’.

Our Year 11 Dream-to set our sights on what we would like to be in the future; our aspirations and college courses that we would like to do at Post 16.  Our Year 11’s will complete their CV’s, letters of application during this time and in the lead up to their Mock examinations.

Our Year 11 Believe- Study skills, believing in yourself and revision!  It’s all about how motivated we are to keep going, even when we’re scared and unsure of the outcome.  Stickability and Resilience: Ultimately to the belief that we can do it.

Our Year 11 Achieve:  When all of our marginal gains come together.  When all of the hard work comes together in that examination hall, in that paper to ensure we perform at our BEST.

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