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Drop Everything and Read – DEAR

In Years 7 and 8 their reading of the classic text is supported through a detailed homework programme. The website provides students with high quality literary resources which provide contextual information linked directly to the classic text they are reading. This provides students with the opportunity to engage with a range of material supports and deepens their understanding of not only what they are reading, but of the world they live in.

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Literacy Homework for Years 7 and 8  – CommonLit guidance

The school has high expectations for students, leading to outstanding progress and achievement for all of its pupils. The literacy homework in Years 7 and 8 is designed to provide students with a broad cultural capital – a greater awareness of the world in which they live and some of the ‘big’ ideas which have defined their society.

The texts are challenging, as are the topics with which we are asking them to engage. However engaging with these ideas is a key part in their development as rounded, aware citizens of a varied culture and world.  The aim of the literacy homework is to develop the vocabulary of every student in the Academy – a varied and broad vocabulary allows them to express their ideas and their thoughts clearly; to develop their awareness of ‘big’ ideas, and to engage with these to develop an understanding of themselves and the world that they live in.

Some students may find these texts and ideas challenging. Communication with tutors is key to support students in engaging positively with the activities and developing their vocabulary as well as their cultural capital.

If your son or daughter is struggling with the homework set during DEAR time, please contact their tutor at the Academy to discuss ways to access the texts.

Different ways of engaging with the homework task might be:

As previously stated, communication between student/parent/tutor is key to the success of this homework. Please contact the Academy if you have any questions regarding Literacy homework and your son’s/daughter’s tutor will contact you in order to discuss any queries that you have.

Parent Comments

In year 7 we believe it is important to consolidate the basic skills in Literacy and Numeracy; therefore, we are in a lovely routine and it is manageable. My daughter is challenged and is now able to engage with this independently. We are very pleased with her start to year 7 and making sure she has an appropriate amount of homework has helped with her successful transition to secondary school.

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