Welcome to Wey Valley Academy

I am very proud to lead the students and staff at Wey Valley Academy.

This is an exciting time and one which will see us go from strength to strength. Nelson Mandela held the underlying principle that “Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”; this is the ethos that I intend to foster at the academy. Mutual trust and respect in the relationships between staff and students are crucial in this success!

A broad and balanced curriculum, which is accessible and will challenge students on an academic and personal level is vital. As is building a young person’s confidence, resilience and communication through a student-centred community.  This will empower them to be central in driving change and shaping the future of the education that we deliver here at Wey Valley Academy. Also, this will provide students with the skills that they can apply within everyday situations in life and ultimately support them in being the very “best they can be”.

Sarah Bell, Principal