Wey Valley Academy gives all students access to the best that has been thought and written through our curriculum. We aim for every student to realise their full potential, regardless of background or ability.

Our curriculum prepares students for success in education and life, building academic resilience and independence. A strong focus on literacy enables students to access traditional academic subjects as part of the National Curriculum, alongside a range of practical and vocational subjects. We enrich students’ experiences further with extra-curricular opportunities that complement their academic education.

Our Key Stage Three curriculum is completed in years 7, 8 and 9. Subject content at this Stage builds upon knowledge and skills acquired in primary education and prepares students for the rigours of GCSE study. Our Key Stage 4 qualifications are completed in two years. Alongside traditional academic subjects such as English, maths, science, languages and humanities, students have access to a broad range of options subjects available to meet their personal skills and preferences. We have a proud history of sporting success and the performing arts are also a strength of the Academy: we ensure that our curriculum gives students opportunities in these subject areas.

A comprehensive reading strategy is embedded into the school with programmes and activities to support students of all abilities. Students read for 30 minutes every day. We utilise tutor time to deliver Personal, Social, Health and Economic education, so students are taught crucial information about the world around them by their tutors.

The opportunity for students to follow their interests, or develop new ones, is embedded into the Academy to support all students with their development as rounded individuals. We ensure that students are given time to learn life skills such as food preparation and learn information about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is further developed through our physical education lessons.

Our high expectations of students are evident in everything we do. We aim to ensure that each pupil reaches their potential by securing outstanding achievement, high standards of social skills and improved life chances.


Current Curriculum Design Information

75 minute sessions/2 week timetable

Perf A222
Opt A44
Opt B44
Opt C44
Opt D44