On top of timetabled PSHE lessons covering subjects from First Aid and healthy lifestyle to money matters, students across different year groups have benefited from visits from external speakers.  Y8 received a presentation from Dorset Police Safer Schools Community Team (SSCT) explaining the definition of anti-social behaviour, the impact of this behaviour on the community and how it can lead into criminal behaviour.  SSCT also delivered an assembly to Y9 designed to give students a clear understanding of the legal consequences of possessing items such as catapults, BB guns and sharp, pointed objects in schools and public places. Y10 attended a session from the Dorset Police Armed response Team, who delivered a hard hitting one hour session to Year 10, designed to ensure that young people understand the consequences of carrying and/or using offensive weapons.  Y9 and Y10 also received sessions from Dorset Police Safer Schools Community Team on Road Safety.  Y11 attended a session called A Night To Remember, highlighting the safeguarding issues related to alcohol misuse within our towns’ pubs and clubs.