Drop Everything And Read:
Students At Wey Valley Enjoy A Love Of Reading

We are passionate about improving literacy at Wey Valley Academy. The Literacy Team is made up of teachers and support staff to ensure that all students are equipped with the reading and writing skills needed for life.

We have several interventions in place to support our children with reading and writing.

Since September, we’ve consolidated out DEAR programme in years 7 to 10 where each child has the experience of reading a classic or culturally significant book for half an hour a day with their tutor. In this session, students build fluency and comprehension – plus they get the chance to learn key vocabulary needed for GCSEs and beyond.

In Year 7 and Year 8, we’ve started a new intervention called ‘Reading Plus’ where students spend time reading a range of interesting extracts and answer comprehension questions on a computer. The Year 7s started a little earlier in the academic year and have already achieved a phenomenal amount of rewards on their ‘Reading Plus’ accounts, helping them to become independent life-long readers.

We have also set up the use of a key intervention called ‘Direct Instruction’. Direct Instruction aims to support learners needing help with phonics. We are the first in the Trust to trial this approach and we have been funded to give it a try.

We are also developing Inference Training and researching Lexia, to support students with a range of learning needs relating to literacy.

Finally, we wish to build a culture that celebrates a love of reading and literature – in the Spring Term we hope to run book clubs and debating clubs to challenge our most able students and every child in year 7 and 8 has access to ‘Accelerated Reader’.

Here is a short video of Year 7 students reading ‘A Christmas Carol’ in their DEAR time.

If you have any questions about Reading at Wey Valley Academy please email members of the Literacy Team

Mrs Parkes [email protected]

Miss Burston [email protected]