As we move into our second period of National Lock-down, one feature that has shone out at Wey Valley Academy has been the resilience of our students, being able to adapt and make the most of these challenging times. Year 8 student, Hobie Clarke, has been highly proactive in helping staff to re-open the school library safely, creating a presentation for teachers to share with their classes of how books can be borrowed safely. In the meantime, a group of year 8 students have been creative with their social time as explained when they were interviewed: ‘Some friends and I have created groups to help boredom during lock down. We came together and discussed how we can make this time better for ourselves. We decided to do an activities club first. We face timed every week to do activities. Each of us had a go choosing and organising what we did. For example, one week we did salt dough, that was fun to do. Then, when we were told about another lock-down, we decided to make a book club as we all love reading books. In book club, we review books, talk about what books we have read, and write stories! Over the next few weeks we plan to face time every week and do a session where we chat about books and recommend books to each other. We really enjoy doing these clubs and they give us something fun to do instead of lazing around in the evening and weekends. “