Twenty students from the Wey Valley Academy will be embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. In August 2024 they will be jetting off to Malaysia to trek through the rainforest and participate in turtle conservation, helping the local community with their egg poaching issues and to help maintain the beaches to create a safe environment for the turtles.

One of the tasks the students are set for this expedition is to raise funds to be able to participate. The students have already been involved in local bake sales, craft fairs and doing independent fund raising of their own.
As a group, the students are going to complete a sponsored hike of 14 miles around the coast of Portland. The hike will consist of elevations of up to 425ft and many different types of terrains. The students will carry a backpack that will contain the same weight they will be carrying through the rainforest trek and will be testing their hiking ability along the way.

All proceeds will be donated directly to the students to cover part of their travel fee. 

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