Wey Valley Academy celebrated National Poetry Day with Elaine Beckett and Sarah Barr. Elaine Beckett has published several collections of poetry including Volume 13 of Faber New Poets. Beckett is a screenwriter also and has written a poetry collection called Sea Creature Regrows Entire Body . Her work focuses on the natural world . Sarah Barr writes poetry and fiction for adults and children . She often explores relationships , the natural world, loss and hope. Her latest work January encapsulates nature and the seasons. She has also contributed to the collection Poems from the Oak Room . The workshop included Year 7  pupils writing their own poetry employing tercets in the style of the poet Carlos Williams. One student said ‘I found the workshop to be ambitious – it really did stretch and challenge my thinking and creativity – I want to be a writer’. Head of Performing Arts and Teaching and Learning Challenge Lead Mr Mark Chutter exclaimed’ our thanks to both Elaine and Sarah for such an inspiring afternoon – it really did arouse their intellectual curiosity around being judicious with language’.