I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for all your support this academic year.

Our Teaching and Learning focus has been to stretch and challenge our students so that they can reach their full potential academically.  We’ve worked hard to ensure students feel comfortable with the increase of challenge and our student  voice has played an important role in engaging our students within this.

Rewards has also been a huge focus of ours and you should hopefully have heard about the ‘Golden Ticket’ which is awarded for consistently making the right choices and working hard.  This has allowed students, with a friend of their choice to jump straight to the front of the lunch queue.  As an Academy, out focus is to maintain positive interactions throughout the day and rewards will remain a high priority for us always. The lunch queue was also a topic of conversation raised from student voice and you will be pleased to know that we intend to open the shop in the New Year to support students in having increased time, at lunch with their peers.

There are so many enriching activities that your sons and daughters have taken part in, including last night’s Christmas Variety performance,  what an amazing achievement!   The best way that we thought we could share this with you, is through our Academy newsletter. I hope you find this useful.

Finally I would like to thank Dr Ball and Mr James, who will be leaving us this term, and wish them the very best in their new posts. They will be greatly missed.

Wishing you a lovely, safe Christmas break and we will see your sons and daughters on Tuesday 7th January 2020.

Sarah Bell


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education in the coming term

From the whole school council meeting the following items has been actioned:

·         Improved supervision in the canteen.

·         Recycling bins in the Gallery, room 95, Year 11 common room and in the Thrive Office.

·         Solar Panel bid was successful.

·         Non Uniform Day end of T2 will be for Save the Children and The Will Mackaness Trust.

·         Wii installed into room 95.


Information for the coming term

Year 7 and 8

PHSE/Assembly –  information on drugs, the personal qualities,  assertiveness, money and financing, road safety.


6th Jan INSET Day

13 – 17th Jan Spelling and Reading tests.

16th Jan Police ASB assembly

23rd Jan – UK Youth Parliament voting.

24th Jan – Giddeon Assembly Christian Church.

5th Feb School Games Handball event.


Year 9

PHSE/Assembly –  Money, financing, Careers, Careers interviews, Kudos, road safety, offensive weapons.


6th Jan INSET

13th – 17th Jan CAT Tests

22nd Jan Offensive weapons talk Dorset Police.

23th Jan UK Youth parliament voting.

27 to 28th Jan DASH

30th Jan Parents evening.


Year 10

PHSE/Assembly –  Careers, Careers guidance, road safety, families, coping with stress, exploitation.


6th Jan INSET Day

13th Jan – Area Basketball Competition Colfox.

14th Jan FAKE Police presentation.

16th Jan Parents Eve

18th – 19th Jan – DOE Volunteering Bustinskin events.

21th Jan UK Youth parliament voting.

30th Apprenticeship show Exeter

2nd Feb – volunteering Portland Marathon WMT

5th Feb School Games Handball event.

12th Feb Employability Young Enterprise day.


Year 11

PHSE –  Careers information, CV and letter of application, mock interviews, Post 16 information, what are Apprenticeships. Sex Education.


6th Jan INSET

17th Jan Police NTR Course

18th – 19th Jan – DOE Volunteering Bustinskin events. Will Mackaness Trust.

20th Jan UK Youth parliament voting.

29th Jan Apprenticeship show Exeter

2nd Feb – volunteering Portland Marathon WMT