On Friday professional writer and motivational speaker Peter Radford visited Wey Valley Academy to speak to the Diversity Council. Mr Radford discussed LGBTQ+ issues around embedding diversity within the school and the curriculum. He asked pertinent questions in the light of the academy being in the Final for the Queer School Awards to be held on 26th June in Birmingham. Mr Radford said, ‘ how is language being used to positively counteract discrimination of any kind at Wey Valley’? Mr Radford said, ‘I would like to congratulate the academy on such an embedded understanding of LGBTQ+ issues in and outside of school such as the Chesil Pride event on 29th June and the Dorset Youth Pride on 13th July at Shire Hall’. Dawn Henderson from Dorset Council also discussed with the students the latest initiative on having a school charter across all of the academies around diversity issues. Dawn also discussed the arrangements for the Chesil Youth Pride. Mr Chutter, Head of Performing Arts and Teaching and Learning Challenge Lead said, ‘I would like to thank Peter and Dawn for talking with the Diversity Council today and for us to continue to nurture our partnerships around school inclusion’.