We believe that Home Learning is important and will support all pupils in achieving the success they desire in subjects across the curriculum.  Teachers at Wey Valley Academy will set regular Home Learning that is appropriate for the age and stage of all students.  Our Home Learning prepares learners, applies knowledge and extends understanding. Home Learning in all Year Groups is directly linked to the powerful knowledge contained in the Knowledge Organisers that all students use in lessons.

In Year 7 and 8 Home Learning is to be set once a week by core teachers, and fortnightly in all other subjects. Home Learning outlines will be published on this page and updated through the academic year. It will provide information as to the weekly/fortnightly Home Learning in all subjects.

Class Charts is software used by the academy for students and parents to identify their Home Learning and to ensure that all work is completed. Class Charts provides a range of other information for both parents and students.

A Home Learning Club is provided by Mrs Harding in the School Resource Centre to provide support for any students that require support with their Home Learning tasks.

Any parents with concerns about their child’s ability to complete the Home Learning that has been set should contact the Curriculum Leader directly in order to discuss the activities.

A guide to Class Charts


Homework Outline Document Year 7

Homework Outline Document Year 8

Homework Outline Document Year 9

Homework Outline Document Year 10 – EBACC

Homework Outline Document Year 10 – Non-EBACC

Homework Outline Document Year 11 – EBACC

Homework Outline Document Year 11 – Non-EBACC