Homework is a key part of the curriculum at Wey Valley Academy; students are set homework tasks that have a direct link to the curriculum that they are being taught in lessons. Completion of homework helps students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of subjects and to develop self-study skills that are going to be vital for GCSE study and future studies.



Homework Timetable Letter

Homework Letter To Parents


A Homework Club is provided by Mrs Harding in the Library to provide support for any students that require assistance with their homework tasks.

Any parents with concerns about their child’s ability to complete the homework that has been set should contact the Curriculum Leader directly in order to discuss the activities.


Homework Timetable Week  A

Week A
Year 11 Option AEnglish/Maths +Option DScience +Option COption B
Year 10Maths + Option AEnglish +Option DScience +Option BOption C
Year 9xMaths /MFL/DTScienceEnglishDT/PA/ArtMFL/IT
Year 9yMaths/HumsScienceHums/MFLMFL/DT/PAIT
Year 8xEnglish/MFL/DTHums/DTMathsScience /HumsMFL/Hums
Year 8yEnglish/DTHums/DTMaths/MFLScience/Hums/MFL/ITHums
Year 7xScienceHums/MFL/ITHums /MFL/DTMaths/DT/ITEnglish/Art/IT
Year 7yScience/Art/ITMFL/Hums/Art/ITMFL/Hums/ITMaths/ArtEnglish

Homework Timetable Week  B

Week B
English/Maths +Option DScience +Option CMaths + Option AOption B
MathsEnglish +Option DOption AOption C +Option BScience
Maths/HumsEnglish /HumsScience/MFL/ITMFL/Art
Maths/Hums/ArtEnglish/ArtScience/Hums/PA/ITMFL MFL/Hums/PA/IT