Financial Education – ‘Money Matters’

Curriculum Intent

Wey Valley Academy students receive a five year financial education programme via the tutor programme known as ‘Money Matters’

Why is Financial Education important?

Research shows that financial education makes children and young people more likely to:

  1. Save money
  2. Have a bank account
  3. Be confident with money management


Financial education enhances financial wellbeing and prepares students to be able to understand and manage their incomes as adults. Students with financial education are more able to make good financial decisions in their adult lives.


Money Matters – Tutor Programme

Year 7

• Types of Bank Account
• Savings and Interest
• Budgeting

Year 8

• Understanding Tax
• Understanding Credit
• Credit Cards and Credit History
• Debt and Loans including Payday Loans and Loan Sharks
• Mortgages

Year 9

• Security and Fraud
• Cyber Crime
• Identity Theft
• Online Security
• Money Mules

Year 10

• Payslips
• Insurance
• Money and Technology
• Financial Risk
• Investments
• Gambling
• Taking Financial Risks

Year 11

• Next Steps After School
• University and Loans
• Earnings
• National Insurance
• Pay and Understanding Payslips
• Pensions