‘Enrichment’ – The action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something.

The Wey Valley Academy Enrichment Curriculum provides our students with a rounded, culturally rich education through activities which enhance their learning.

Our Enrichment Curriculum provides our students with opportunities to try new and varied activities, helping them to develop character, resilience and motivation, and encourage them to pursue wider goals.

Over the year students keep a record of the activities completed, working towards reaching Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Enrichment Awards based on the number of activities completed. Students are also rewarded and given certificates for the individual activities which they keep in their Enrichment Portfolios, building up their record of achievement during their school time.



Maths Clubs



Year 11 Revision



UKMT Junior Maths Challenge – EEV/SSA Room 25/26

UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge – SRE Room 22

Sparx Homework Club – Room 21


Sports Clubs


Monday – After School Until 4:15pm

Boys Football – All years (DCO/GNE) Redlands 3G Astro


Tuesday – After School Until 4:15pm

Fitness Suite (SHH)

Cricket (PJA) Cricket Nets

Sailing (see MSA for details)

Netball (CJE/HFR) – Muga

Darts (DCO/GNE) Fitness Studio

Tennis (External Coach) Tennis Centre


Wednesday – After School Until 4:15pm

Windsurfing (see MSA for details)

Athletics (DCO/GNE) Field

Rounders (HFR/CJE) Field

Badminton (MCL) Sports Hall/Tennis Centre

Boxing (JGR) Fitness Studio


Thursday – After School Until 4:15pm

Cambridge National Sports Studies (Year 10 PJA / Year 11 SHH) rooms 42/40

Fitness Suite (LJO/SHH)

Gig Rowing (see MSA for details)

Volleyball (LJO) Field (from term 5/week 5 onwards)


Performing Arts Clubs


Tuesday 3:30-5pm PA Hall Mr Chutter, Mrs Parsons, Mr Parsons, Miss Porter, Mr Harris, Mr Hintze (All Year Groups)

Dance Club Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm Dance Studio Mrs Barker (All Year Groups)

Musical Theatre Club Wednesday Year 7 only 3:30-4:30 PA Hall Mr Chutter and Mrs Parsons

Choir Thursday Break MU1 Mr Hintze (All Year Groups)

House Band Thursday 3:30-4:30pm MU1 Mr Harris


Warhammer Club

Wednesday 3:30 – 4:30 Room 41 – Mr Parsons