Remote Learning at Wey Valley:
Recreating the classroom experience for all

Remote Education Information for Parents

From the week beginning March 8th 2021, all students are returning to school. Please read the above document for details of how to take part in remote learning if your child must self-isolate from the 8th March.

In the first instance, please email your child’s Head of Year to tell them that your child must self-isolate.

Year 7:

Year 8:

Year 9:

Year 10:

Year 11:

From home, by logging onto TEAMS, your child can follow their normal timetable of three lessons per day. They should be able to do one of the three following options:

  1. Follow along to the live lesson which their normal teacher is providing.
  2. Access the teaching materials from TEAMs, such as a PowerPoint, or an activity. Complete the work set as instructed by your teacher.
  3. If these options are not possible, log onto an online learning platform such as National Oak Academy or BBC Bitesize to access a lesson linked to their topic studied in class.

TEAMS LIVE VIDEO LESSONS – Information and protocol for Parents, Carers and Students
The purpose of live lessons is to recreate the classroom environment; our normal school rules apply:
Ready, Respect, Safe.
When you join the lesson, your microphone and video will be muted.
The teacher delivering the lesson may be supported by another member of staff. The supporting member of staff will act as the technical support. There must be no inappropriate language used in the chat function.
There must be no inappropriate gestures used on screen.
If you are asked a question, your teacher or host may un-mute your microphone or ask you to respond using the chat function.
Please complete the tasks required following direction from your teacher.

Teams and all other office 365 web apps can be access by clicking on the office 365 logo below

Links to GCSE pod and other subject specific website can be found on the Remote learning links page or by clicking here