Remote Learning at Wey Valley:
Recreating the classroom experience for all

Within the Remote Learning area we have collated the topics that are currently being studied across each year group, and within each department.

Oak National Academy has been set up by the government to support the Home Learning of students. It has very high quality lesson materials of an ever increasing range of topics. Currently we would advise students to identify the topics that they have been studying in lessons by using the website information, and then follow the link to Oak National Academy to access resources to support learning while not in school.

Some departments use specific websites to support learning both inside of school and for Home Learning.  An example of this is Hegarty maths. If departments wish students to access a different web-based resource, we will provide the link for it.

Students should also monitor their Class Charts account and complete any Home Learning Tasks set.


Links to subject specific website can be found on the Remote learning links page or by clicking here