Wey Valley Academy is currently under the Ambitions Academies Trust APSC (Academy Priority Support Committee) structure whilst we strive to maintain rapid improvement in all areas.

Membership of this committee comprises of the Executive Team and appointed volunteer Committee Members. The Committee has a Link Trustee allocated to them ensuring communication and accountability is fed back to the Trustees directly as set out in the AAT Scheme of Delegation. This scheme can be found in the document zone on this academy website.

When the school is secure in its outcomes the governance model will transition to an Academy Advisory Committee (AAC). At this stage the Executive Team step back whilst continuing to provide internal support and challenge. Recruitment of additional volunteer Committee Members as required is undertaken prior to this transition to ensure capacity for local governance is in place.

The Link Trustee maintains the support and challenge in both the high support (APSC) and low support (AAC) governance models ensuring continuity of support as per the Scheme of Delegation.

Current Committee Members are as below:

Sian Thomas – CEO

Paul Holman – Director of Outcomes (Chair of APSC)

Jon Webb – Director of Secondary Education

Sarah Longdon – Volunteer Committee Member

Link Trustee – Caroline Sard (Vice Chair of Trustees)

All members of the governing body are contactable through the academy office

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