This year as part of the Science curriculum in KS3, students have been studying the impact of global warming on the environment and how human activity is continuing to damage the earth and the animals that inhabit it. One class was especially engaged in this topic and really wanted to make a difference to reduce the negative effects happening to polar bears in the Arctic Circle. The class were concerned about the impact the melting ice caps are having on the polar bear species and asked what they could do to help. They conducted some research and then asked if as a class they could adopt a polar bear through the WWF. They worked together to plan how they would donate to the charity and their contribution to the WWF will help fund vital research into reducing the effects of global warming and trying to ensure the existence of the bears is long term. Science teacher Miss Shone has expressed how proud she is of the class and their dedication to make a positive change!
One student exclaimed how he was excited when he found out about the Polar Bear adoption scheme stating, ‘I’m definitely glad we did this because it is good to know that anyone can help save our planet. Our class is happy we had this opportunity to make a difference.’