Due to ongoing Covid restrictions, our post-16 providers are not able to host their normal open day and evening events and are creating virtual events as an alternative. Please see below for details from Weymouth College for their virtual open day and evening plus details on where to locate application forms.

‘Our Open Day and Open Evenings planned for this term have been replaced by a virtual event, accessed via the front page of the Weymouth College website where users first need to register, but also by using the link: https://www.weymouth.ac.uk/virtual-open-day/?o=true which bypasses the need to register.

Working down from the top of the Virtual Open Day is an introduction to the College from Nigel, followed by Q & A session with key staff, 2 short videos from students about their experience here, and then videos with in-depth information about each of our curriculum areas.

Students can apply now for next year via our website (good idea because our application numbers increased by over 300 this year).’


Weymouth College Ofsted Report