The Diner offers a large selection of hot and cold food each day. There is a different hot meal available every day, including a vegetarian/vegan option

Price List

Breakfast Pot £2.20
Sausage /Bacon Baguette £2.20
Sausage/Bacon Bap £1.50
Sausage/Bacon Muffin/Bagel £2.20
Beanie £1.00
Sausage Roll £1.80
Slice £1.80
Pasties £1.80
Pancakes £1.50
Toasted Sandwich £1.50
Hash Brown/Smiles 80p
Potato Bag’s £1.30
Pain au choc 80p
Croissants 70p
Grab and Go
Panini’s £1.80
Hot Wraps £1.80
Burgers from £1.50
Chicken Burgers from £1.80
Hot Dog £2.30
Pizza Twist £1.80
Pizza Slice £1.50
Potato Bag’s £1.30


Main Meal  (3 week rotation)
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Main Meal with pudding or carton £2.30
Pudding 80p
Jacket Potato £1.30/1 Topping £1.80/2 Topping £2.30
Pasta King £1.80 with cheese topping £2.30
Salad Bar – fill your own pot £1.80

Cold Selection 
Sandwich £1.50
Wrap £1.50
Baguette £2.20
Cold Pasta Pot £1.50
Yoghurts From 60P
Jelly 60p
Loose Fruit from 40p
Fruit Bag’s from 60p

Fresh Bakes From 50p
Crisps/Popcorn 80p
Small Oh so scrummy 60p
Large Oh so scrummy £1.00
Cereal Bar 90p
Biscuit’s from 20p

Bottles of water 80p
Sparkling water 80p
Fruit Carton 60p

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