Welcome To Wey Valley Academy


Coming into School

In the morning you will enter the school through the door near the library where you will be met by a senior member of staff and welcomed into school. Parents and visitors must enter the school by the main reception.

 Learning Support

The Hub is an area where students who need or want additional help with their learning can go for support. The Hub helps students with individual SEND needs during social times and some lessons. you will also find the school’s ELSA team if you need to talk with them.

The Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre is a wonderfully calm and peaceful space where students can go to read and to learn. It is open during social times and some lessons take place here.

Art, Photography & Graphics Class Rooms

At Wey Valley we have amazing Art and Photography class rooms. Here you will study Art and Design and Photography. Some of the work that the students create in here is truly amazing.

 Technology Work Spaces

In the Technology area you will learn to design and make things using textiles, wood, metal and plastic. You will also learn about hospitality and catering and all of this will be done in specially designed rooms packed with the latest tools and equipment to help you learn.

Science Laboratories

At Wey Valley there are lots of dedicated science labs where you will learn the three main sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and  you will also get the opportunity to handle the many exotic animals.

Computer Suites

Information technology and Media subjects will teach you all about the latest developments in computer programming and software. Here at Wey Valley we have dedicated computer rooms and lots of laptops. Most of the classrooms have interactive whiteboards and projectors.

Sports Facilities

If you like sport and Physical exercise then you have come to the right school! The Physical and Outdoor Education Department have outstanding facilities and opportunities for all year groups. Your lessons and extracurricular clubs utilise a wide range of new equipment in fantastic facilities. You will have PE lessons, clubs during lunchtime and after school. You can also represent the school in lots of competitions. The Sports Hall is used for a wide range of sports including basketball, football, handball, volleyball, netball, badminton and trampolining. It is also where you will sit your GCSE exams in the future.

The Fitness Suite

The Fitness Suite is a professional multi gym with things like running machines and cross trainers, you will get to use this as part of your PE lessons and school fitness clubs

The Diner

We have a team of dedicated cooks who prepare different healthy meals and snacks everyday for you to enjoy at lunch and breaktime. You can then sit and eat with your friends and talk about how your day is going.

The Will Mackaness Hall

The hall is used for so many different things like assemblies and student and staff meetings. It also has a big stage where we put on school musicals and performances. Year 7 will also meet here on the first day of term.

Open Plan Toilets

The school has invested in new modern open plan toilets, they have been designed to give privacy, but no one can hide in them and bullying can’t happen because they can be seen.