To all of the Year 6 students who are joining us in September 2023, their parents, carers and families: Welcome to Wey Valley Academy! Please do take a moment to read and view all the information on this website and Transition webpage.




At Wey Valley, we are working closely with our primary schools to ensure students’ progression to secondary school is successful. This page on our website will introduce you to Wey Valley Academy, our staff and our school. We hope it helps you to get an idea of what the next stage of your education will look like.

We know that starting secondary school is an exciting time for students. It can also be a daunting one at the same time for you and your parents… try not worry – we will support you along the way! We have a dedicated team in place to support you and make your time at Wey Valley a happy and successful one.

Year 7 at Wey Valley will sometimes be hard work but it is also a lot of fun! Throughout the year, we will plan to run trips & events where you can get to know each other better and explore a whole range of extra-curricular opportunities.


Families Handbook July 2023

Year 6 Information Evening Presentation

Transition Day Parental Letter

Year 6 Transition Booklet

Summer School Application Letter

Year 6 Welcome Letter from Mrs Parkes

Year 6 Welcome Letter from Mr Lydford

Transition Letter to Parents 2023




At Wey Valley we have a few simple rules
they can be summed up by three words:

Ready – To learn, so on time, proper equipment, listening to instructions

Respect – Treat yourself, others and things nicely and take care of people and the environment

Safe – Do not do anything that would harm you or anyone else physically or mentally

At Wey Valley, we believe that high expectations lead to high achievement and we always are ready to reward and celebrate success and community spirit in its many forms.

We believe you will have a fantastic experience with us and we will do everything we can to help you achieve this! We look forward to meeting you at the open event in October and welcoming you to the Wey Valley community as our new Year 7 in September 2023.


Yours Faithfully

Tom Neill, Principal